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I was asked to check my bag and neglected to get a sweater as the planes are usually cold. Several people complained and the flight attendant said they warmed up the plane but I was still very cold and asked for a blanket.

The flight attendant insisted that they didn't have blankets on the plane. I asked repeatedly very nicely but she continued with her lie.

After about 3 hours of shivering the 1st flight attendant came over and asked what was wrong. I told her simply: I am very cold. She brought me a blanket.

I am not sure why the flight attendant would not help me.

I was very polite, even when she walked away saying no blankets.

This is very strange. This cruel person should not be in a public facing position

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight.

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You should have asked to switch seats with someone sitting next to a large person who was taking up half their seat. They gladly would have switched with you, and you could have kept warm snuggling up to the large person who would now be pressed up against you.

It's better than being cold. Also, you could have asked the flight attendant to bring you a whole pot of hot tea to drink to warm yourself up.