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AA feels free to change reservations and split families and have them connect and arrive at different times and they DO NOT CARE!! This is the MO of US AIRWAYS (took over AA last year)

Change at will departure and connecting cities with 2 months before departure on reservations made 6 months ago. Put family members on different NEW flights NO PROBLEM WE ARE AA and customer is last on our priority lisy

NUmber 1 is $ revenue

purchase 1st class tickets 6 mo ago, and now 21/2 months before departure , AA changes the reservation and splits the family into 2 separate , diffrent cities connection and arriving 3 hours later!! WHY probably their executives wanted to use their AAPASS to get to Maui so screw the passengers!!

Reservation ARUSKQ , Boston to Kahului was changed 3 times and we are forced to fly thru PHoenix while reservation MPWDYR was changed and a passenger , daughter , teen, was put on a different departing flight . Her flight would arrive 3 hours before ours and she would ahve to wait in the airpost in Maui for us Shane on you AA !!! LAst flight with you USAIRWAYS(sorry AA) WORST AIRLINE!!!!EVER!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

American Airlines Pros: Worse customer service at any level.

American Airlines Cons: Attendants attitudes.

  • Poor Service American Airlines
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The problem appears to be that you split your family up between two reservations--note the different reservation numbers. The airlines does not know the two reservations are related.

You cannot blame them you chose to buy tickets separately.

You have two months left. Instead of complaining, why don't you call them and try to get the reservations changed, or seek a refund because the schedule change does not work for you.

You have enough time to either change the current schedule or buy from another airlines.


Not surprised at all unfortunately. American used to be really good before they merged with US Air.

They decided to let the CEO of US Air run the whole thing and now American has taken on all of the bad habits of US Air. I've been delayed on almost every flight over bad reasons (my parents were delayed several hours because of a missing trash receptacle on their plane). The last two times I've flown with them, they cancel my original flights and mess up my travel plans.

I unfortunately live in Dallas where they are usually the most convenient, but I check the other airlines before booking trips on them.

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