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In February 2016, my wife and I were flying from Harrisburg to port of Miami to board our cruise with our family. We arrived at the airport at 5:00am for our 6:00am flight to Philadelphia where we were to get on a connecting flight at 7:35am.

The plane was on the ground, but there was no pilot or crew we were told. We started to worry as it was 5:50 and hadn't boarded for the 6:00am flight yet. Other passengers started asking us what time our connection was in Philadelphia and found out they all had connections around 7:30 as well. All the passengers were starting to voice their concerns as well to the woman at the boarding gate who worked for American.

When I approached and told her I had a cruise to board in Miami at 3:00pm and wanted a different flight, she made the announcement that the crew was on the plane and all of us should board now quickly for the flight that was showing on the screen to now be on time. Everyone practically ran on the plane. We all got seated quickly. There were about 25 passengers and it was a small plane and we all were feeling relieved.

Well, unfortunately as we all sat there ready to *** the captain came on and said, sorry folks we have a bit of a delay again and should *** shortly. He reassured us we'd all make our connections though and so we actually ended up not taking off until 6:50am. So, when we landed at 7:30 in Philadelphia we saw our connection (as did the rest of the passengers) headed for Miami ready to ***. We missed that flight, had a difficult time at the customer service getting rebooked to make it to our cruise, (let's face it, the ship won't wait for two passengers and you miss the ship you miss your vacation).

After a very stressful struggle with the airline we ended up having to take a $300 taxi from Fort Myers to Miami. We were in the taxi for two hours and were so lucky we had a cab driver named Neil who drove as fast as he could to get us to the ship by 3:00. Then, after lengthy conversations with customer service, the airline told us they put our luggage on a different flight and we wouldn't have it when we arrived at the ship. The outcome of this story is that we made it to the ship with no luggage and were told they would get our luggage possibly 2 days later at the Grand Cayman port, told us they'd reimburse us for the cab, and give us vouchers for clothing and toiletries on the ship.

We in good faith believed them and as I write now will say they emailed me this am and said they will not reimburse for anything. The email said that because they got us on another flight to Fort Myers, (two hours away from the destination they were to have us at for the cruise) they felt that should be sufficient. I couldn't believe they told us they'd rectify and make things right with us and now they rescinded their compensation for a travel day that my wife and I were so stressed about it almost ruined our trip.

We have shared our story with family and friends, and colleagues, many whom filed on American Airlines and they've agreed not to fly with them ever again as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Strange that you were "told" that they would reimburse a taxi fare. In today's airline world, that would be unheard of.

It is very difficult to get compensation for anything.

One reason that a person should always allow an extra day to connect to a cruise. You have been warned.

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