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American Airlines lost my bag May 07, the first week I was contacted at least once a day with an update. After the first week was over, AA sent me a claim form to fill out and send in. I sent the form in and waited for a response.

After a week with no updates, I Called to find out what is going on and was told my claim was sent to there version of a search team, and after 10 weeks I would be contacted with a result of the claim process. I asked did you truly just say 10 weeks, and was told that is correct.

I then asked, during this 10 week process is anyone going to contact me with any type of update. I was informed no, but that I could send a message to the AA customer service for updates.

I tried this, and found out that any message I sent takes two weeks to get a response, and the response is to call the baggage hotline. The worst part about the response is that there is no way to reply to it you have to resubmit a new message which again takes 2 weeks for a response to any question.

When I call the hotline, they have no updated information and tell me to send a message via the AA customer service message service. I'm not sure what this company thinks they are doing unless its to try and make it so hard to communicate with them that you ultimately give up.

I believe that American Airlines could care less about their customers. They try everything they can to avoid dealing with you. Avoid this company at all cost.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Customer Care.

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I finally received a claim for my lost luggage, 11 weeks later. I filed a claim for $920.00 they sent me a claim check for $230.00, and said that everything I placed on the claim paperwork was not covered including military items.

If you are ever in this situation and an airline loses your luggage, the only thing they will cover is cloths. By covering I mean they will only pay you a depreciated amount of what the clothing is worth i.e.

if you have a shirt you paid 69.99 for last week they will only give you 50% of it value because it was worn. Well I guess that's what I get for being honest on a claim.

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