Etters, Pennsylvania
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Recently my 10 year old granddaughter flew unaccompanied on American Airlines. They made me pay $320 in addition to the ticket for someone to watch after her and her belongings.

My granddaughter had to change planes in Charlotte. After leaving the plan my granddaughter told the attendant that her Gameboy 3DS was left on the plane. The attendant told her they would mail it to her. Ha!!

They arent mailing it, they didnt even look for it and are now saying my granddaughter is out of luck. Not only did they not do what they were paid to do they lied to a kid.

Oh and their airline tickets are the highest price. DONT FLY AMERICAN AIRLINES

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You didn't pay them to watch her belongings. You paid them to deliver the child safely to her destination.

The child left the game behind, not the steward. Maybe it's time to talk to the child about responsibility? Further, stewards and attendants are concerned d with getting your child to the connecting flight with as little drama and headache as possible.

It's quite likely that the times were close and turning around to go back for the game might've resulted in delaying the plane or a missed connection. Let's keep the loss in perspective.


They could have at least went back to grab the game. The child was 10, how responsible so you expect a 10 year to be when they are having to fly alone?

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