Youngsville, Louisiana

On a recent vacation to Hawaii, I missed 2 flights due to AA not being on time with their departures. On the way there, I arrived in Los Angeles 5 minutes before my connecting flight departed for Hawaii.

Needless to say the plane didn't wait for me and I was stuck in LA overnight, losing 1 full day of my vacation. On the way home, my flight from LA to Dallas was an hour late... causing me to miss my connecting flight into my hometown.

Again, i missed the flight by 10 minutes and needless to say, they didn't wait. *** American Airlines, bottom line.

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Booked three tickets on American for Christmas. Had a prior credit, called to have it applied and told I couldn't because I booked it myself.

Told them this was never mentioned when U received the credit. "It's the rules." Well, the next time, send me the rule book. Asked for supervisor, she was saccharine sweet, but totally condescending and useless. The best I got, before hanging up in a fury, was "have a pleasant day." Not one bit of caring or trying to resolve the issue.

Big deal to apply the money to the credit cad with which they just got paid? I was told I could use it on my next trip. Well, THIS IS MY NEXT TRIP. I hate American.

They used to be my favorite, but, they buried that years ago. What the *** are they thinking? Why alienate consumers when there are many other choices?

This is it with American for me. They have truly earned not receiving my business any longer.


AA flight attendant collecting trash upon descent didn't want to take my cup because as she said with a sigh, "I just washed my hands for the 5th time." She reluctantly took it since I was at the window and couldn't reach the bag. I was so offended that she didn't want to touch a cup she had given me just 30 minutes earlier.


American sucks. I hope they don't emerge from bankruptcy!

How do they sell peanuts on a flight when it's the most common allergy in the world.

Serving nuts can kill people. What the he'll is wrong with them?

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