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My mother is 70 year old with disabilities including bad back and neck and bone disease that easily fractures. She had a business class airline ticket (over $4,000) to travel internationally on AA.

but when she tried to check in her heavy baggage (70lbs each!) the *** AA lady told her she cannot check them all the way as she was connecting in chicago. her excuse was that there isn't enough time between flights. WHAT? she had 2 hours which is plenty of time but she said she actually had 1:55 so she's off my a whole 5 mins, WOW cry me a river!?.

she did not even offer to help my mother in chicago to transfer her heavy bags across terminals and trains as that was her only option, and she just stood there behind the counter dumbfounded like a *** little girl shaking her head and looking at my old mom and saying there is nothing i can do. really AA? nothing? what a sad excuse for an airline and a dumb lady that needs to be fired from this job.

that's just bad customer service and irresponsible behaviour from a rep that her sole job is to assist passengers to fly safely. They didn't even care when i sent their corporate people complaint about this... i will just never fly this poor excuse for an airline as i've had my share of troubles with them including sudden cancellations, unattentive personnel and just overall rude and uncaring culture.

pathetic! heed the warning and skip that line!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Baggage Policy.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

American Airlines Cons: Bad service for the disabled, Poor customer service, Customer relations.

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So your mother with her problems is taking the maximum allowed weight for 2 bags on her trip - 140 pounds in 2 bags. Who did she think would handle them.

Why didn't she or you check the connection time necessary to insure that the bags would make the connection. Your anger at the clerk at the originating airport is misplaced. What did you expect her to do. She is not at the connecting airport.

What obviously has to happen since you and your mom so poorly planned her trip, is to seek a skycap or any other of the many people at the connecting airport who will assist her getting her bags across to the other airlines. More assistance is probably available then this, but needs to be requested prior to the day of travel.

The sad excuse and dumb person is your mother who takes the maximum weight for 2 suitcases knowing that she can't physically handle them, and then doesn't check with the airline to make sure way prior to the trip, what needs to be done to get them to the destination. At 70, your mother is old enough to take some responsibility for her own failures.


Obviously a comment made by an aa employee. Very empathetic people indeed.

You people have not a clue still do you.

Facts are as stated and shows how pathetic this airline is. So don't post comments removing aa from this issue and putting it on a business class passenger, you ***.


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