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We started our trip with American Airlines on January 23, 2008 in Eagle, CO on flight 2378. When learning flights were being delayed and canceled at Chicago O'Hare due to weather I questioned the Eagle ticket agent concerning our flight 4080 from O'Hare to Nashville. I was told the flight was on time but if we missed it there was another flight at 6:15 PM that had plenty of seats available and we could make that flight. We were delayed leaving Eagle because of O'Hare. Upon arriving at O'Hare I was told flight 4080 had been "canceled by air traffic control". I was not directed where to go to change my booking until I asked. Within 10 minutes I was booked on flight 1438 which was scheduled to leave at 6:15 PM. We finally left O'Hare at 8:45PM. We had waited at O'Hare for 5 hours, ample time to get our luggage on the correct flight.

First, I doubt air traffic controllers can tell an airline certain flights have to be canceled. Your ticket agents at O'Hare lied to me because AA chose to cancel flight 4080 in order to fill up the later flight 1438.

Second, AA made no effort to change my booking, I had to do all the work.

Third, AA made no effort to assure our baggage was on the same flight we were on. If an airline can know when a passenger does not board a flight with their luggage they can know when a passenger's baggage is not on a flight.

Southwest is the only airline we have flown with no baggage problems. For this day forward we'll only fly Southwest

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Actually is right- ATC routinely makes calls like that. But, even supposing that AA had done it for the reasons you suggest, can you blame them?

If they'd cancelled the later flight instead of yours then a bunch more people would've been stuck there overnight, which is worse than a 5 hour delay any day. Also FYI, when there are cancellations the system usually rolls you over to the next flight automatically, especially if you're checked in.

I think it's very likely that you were rebooked in this fashion before you were aware of it. Regarding the bags, I don't really understand the issue...?


air traffic control cancels flights can cancel flights... the FAA controls the airlines and can make any overruling decisions, perhaps you should take it up with Obama.

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