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American Airlines is the most dysfunctional and disorganized organization I have ever experienced. I posted this review last night while sitting in the Miami International Airport. But was so upset I needed to come back and correct the seri mistakes as well as provide an update on the continuing nightmare. I honestly don't think you could make this up if you tried.

The organization is literally a train wreck waiting to happen. My family and I arrived on and international flight to Miami from Panama on December 27 at 5:30 PM. Our next flight out was scheduled to depart Miami at 9:49 PM. From gate D3.

When I arrived at the gate at approximately 7 PM requested seat assignments and the American airlines attendant she told us to have a seat and wait for the plane to arrive before the seat assignments would be given. After waiting at gate D3 for about 60 min. She turn off the monitor and promptly left the gate without any announcement to the passengers waiting. After waiting for sometime I began to get concerned that there was nothing posted so I proceeded to the desk And was told that the gate had been moved to gate D16.

We rushed off to gate D16, went to the attendant to verify we were at the correct gate and waited for another period of time. After another wait we were told that the gate had been moved Back to gate D3. We rushed off to be gate D3 and waited for sometime only to have another announcement that the gate only to be told that the gate had now been moved to gate D6.

When we arrived at gate D6 the gate was so disorganized that several extremely angry passengers missed the previous departing flight because there was no announcement of the gate change for that flight. At approximately 9:30 PM The attendant announced that the flight was delayed and would be landing at 10 PM. At 10 PM the attendant announced that the plan had arrived and boarding would began as soon as passengers were unloaded and the plane cleaned. Shortly after the attendant announce that the plane would not be boarding because there were no pilots to fly the plane and they would not arrive until 11 PM. We finally departed around 11:30 PM and arrived at RDU around 1:30 AM only to find that 2 of our bags were not on the plan (one of containing my medication). I then waited in line for an hour to make the report because there were so many lost bags and told that the bags would arrive on the 11 AM flight. It is not 4:00 PM and still waiting… I just performed an on-line status check only to see that only one of the bags was shipped this morning. (absolutely unbelievable)

This is a horrible nightmare of an airline organization.

I have had several bad experiences with American but this is absolutely without a doubt the worst I have ever had the experience of flying and, in future, will fly absolutely any other airline, if there are other options before ever choosing American again. A positive or incident free experience is a very rare exception to this organization

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight Attendant.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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They are indeed not organised... generally the problem I have with them is that they don't even do the minimum of thinking about either how to handle queues or about how to deal with giving out information

If they would actually explain what was going on when something changes that would be something.

Also so many times have they not had pilots but have made other claims ... most panssengers would be okay if the truth was told to them at least ...


A little bit dramatic, are we? These D gates are all on the same wing of the airport.

Because even gates are on one side and odd on the other side of the D wing, the distance from gate D 3 to D 16 is about 6 gates, and the distance from D 3 to D 6 is about 2 gates.

So you arrive at the gate D 3 almost 3 hours prior to departure (2 hours and 49 minutes: 7 pm to 9:49 pm). The attendant cannot take care of you because she is checking in another flight. Then TWO HOURS BEFORE DEPARTURE she leaves for another gate. You then shortly leave that gate and go to gate D 16 (say 1 1/2 hours before departure) and wait.


The gate for the flight is shown as being at Gate D 3 the originally scheduled gate. Obviously prior to this point any gate change was for the purpose of making sure a gate was available if the plane arrived early. Since it was arriving late, the gate was moved to another gate that would be available for the late arriving flight - D 6. There was really only one gate change D 3 to D 6.

You portray this as all happening quickly "we rushed off to gate D16" when this statement refers to a fact occurring around 2 hours prior to departure and there was no need to "rush" anywhere.

If the plane had arrived on time, it would have gone to gate D 3. Since it was late, they sent it to a gate two doors down D 6. Also, because it was late, the pilots had run out of their allotted time and new pilots had to arrive to fly the plane.

Nothing disorganized here, other than someone running around the airport hours prior to departure time.

(As a hint, I bet if you had gone to gate D 3 say five hours before departure there would have been another plane/flight there. They did not reserve this gate all day for your flight.)

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