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American Airlines - if you call yourself American, than why do you represent America so badly? Your service, literally, can't get any worse than what it is already unless you start crashing because your amenities, bathroom hygiene, on-board food and inflight entertainment are the worst I've ever had.

You choose to fly old aircraft that fails to perform the simplest tasks like bathroom and main door to the cabin closure. It's not the first time I fly your domestic and international flights and I tolerated it for a very long time, but just couldn't be silent for longer. Your services became so unspeakable that the passengers have to buy their own food, drinks and bring gadgets with downloaded movies to be able to survive the long international flights - the job we are paying YOU to do. Even the local airlines that serve the small towns in Russia that no one has ever heard about are better than your international flights.

Just as I thought you couldn't get any worse, our Int'l flights NYC-Barcelona-NYC were barely tolerable. Not only the aircraft was so old that you didn't provide in-flight individual TV screens, your in-flight entertainment programming consisted of a very bad movie for kids set on replay followed by old random episodes of not even good American TV shows. Did you get it all for free, didn't you? Because I wouldn't imagine what kind of airlines would invest in such bad television.

Taken that 99% of the flight was adults - the movie choice couldn't be any worse.

However, the entertainment is not the only problem that worries me more! Just before taking off, you couldn't close the main door for 1.5 hrs and had to call the technicians and missed the take-off time which led to another 55 min of sitting in your old stuffy plane. Just as people started to get up to use the bathroom, to the surprise of many but not to me - one of your bathrooms was inoperable.

In addition to the technical problems you have with the aircraft that simply has to be obsolete at this point instead of flying the 9-hr flights, your food has been so bad that I've been having stomach problems after the past few flights. Now, the snacks, your pretzels have to go. How about you use all the money we pay your for the tickets to buy some carrots or apple or veggie chips instead to at least provide some kind of "healthy" snack comfort to the passengers? Your meals have been always the worst I've ever had but it' gotten even worse - I'm not even expecting you to ever serve fish, but you could at least make your "chicken or pasta" choices not as vomiting.

The so-called chicken or whatever it was - looked like it's has been refrozen over and over and over again and that pathetic thing that you call salad looked like those veggies have been harvested a few years ago.

And then it's got even "better" when the flight attendant announced that they had a limited amount of the headphones, so "if you have your own, please use them."

Seriously, HOW bad are you striving to become? Cause it's hit the floor already...and it can't go any more down.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight Attendant.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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