Grapevine, Texas

3:30 after scheduled departure AA 61 DFW to NRT we are hostages on the plane. Never once did a flt attnd offer anything, no water.

Nothing. All they did is complain and plan how to leave the plane for early holiday due to crew time restrictions. They are in groups talking and completely ignoring passengers who are losing connecting International flights and ruining holiday travel plans that have taken a year savings to pay for. The first plane had a mechanical problem.

This is the second plane and had 2 mechanical repairs for the same problem. You should change the airlines name to protect the image of our country.

It's a disgrace.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Aa flight 375. December 13 2017.

Apparently another Plane taxied too close to this one which disturbed the crew so we went back to the gate because the entire crew refused to fly. After three hours the airline found another crew and we took off late.

We then finally landed at LaGuardia but sat on the tarmac for 30 Minutes because there was no gate. This is truly a terrible airline.


You also ignore the fact that weight is money for airlines. They cannot carry lots of extra food or water because the weight costs so much in fuel to transport.

The flight attendants have a standard x amount of food and water for the flight. If they pass the water out to complaining passengers like you, what happens later during the flight if people water with their snacks. The those people complain because the flight attendants allowed complaining passengers like you have the water while you waited.

The other poster is right.

Remember when there were water fountains and people would periodically drink from them. We did not have all these people carrying water like they were crossing the desert.


What is it with you people and water? Would a bottle of water make you feel better?

Did you just board from the desert?

What would you have had the flight attendants do about about connections, they aren't dispatchers.

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