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Worst experience and rude flight attendant. I booked to flight with my emotional support dog and everything was great when I called to reserve my seating.

Today when I was in my seat the lady at my right told me to move and change from my seat since she doesn't like dogs, and when the flight attendant came she told me to move from my place since the lady didn't like dogs and also she don't like dogs. She was rude and put me and my pug in the worst place of the plane.

I paid for my ticket and AA is really treating people like things. Somebody has to do something.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight Attendant.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I agree one hundred percent things must change. Keep those emotional support dogs off the planes.

If you can't fly without "emotional" support, then stay home or drive.

Support dogs were great when they are for the blind or people with real physical problems.

Too many of these emotional support dogs are just being designated so people can avoid paying to have their dog fly and so that they can take their little, stinking dog with them everywhere. Now they are so self-centered, they believe they should keep their seat and those around them should have to change to accommodate their little fleaflea.


I couldn't agree more! Noone should have to fly with an animal next to them if they don't want to and exceptions should only be made for those with physical disabilities.


I believe you missed the point. The issue is that she felt belittled.

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