Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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My mother & my sister are curently stuck in miami airport for the past 2 days.

They were scheduled to catch a flight from philadelphia to miami with American airline. The flight was delayed for 2 hours in which caused them to miss their connecting flight.

When they returned to American airline counter, they were denied the help that they deserved. Of course, American airline refused to take reponsibility for their flight delay.

My mother has heart problems and my sister and her have been stranded in the airport with no assistance. They both speak no english to actually get some sort of solution.

I have been on the phone and spoke to over 10 customer service agents from American airline, and none of them have been able to assist me or them with an issue in which american airline at complete fault and knowledge.

Since the airline was at fault, they refused to book them onto the next connecting flight to get them home. American airline did not even offer to accommodate them for the inconvenience that they are putting their passengers through by not offering them a hotel room until this problem has been resolved. Now they've forced to sleep in the airport for the past2 days.

I have contacted the other airlines going to their final destination, and several of them have several flights headed to their destinations.

My mother and sister are panicking over this none sense. My mother has just been released from the hospital for her heart and all she wants to do is to get back so she could follow uo with her doctor, but this situation is putting her heart through a lot. If something happens to my mother within the American airline care. I will have to file a lawsuit against the worst airline in history.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight 2582.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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