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TRIP IN VAIN-AA Disaster!!! My son surprised his dad with trip to Mexico for his birthday. We sure were surprised! Surprised at how badly American Airlines screwed up and ruined their trip!

Originally Scheduled on #5772 Cedar Rapids-Dallas-Cabo on 8-20-16 630am. Got email Fri. night- flight cancelled. Resched w/agent after 2 hrs call back-had to fly out of Dubuque, IA at 630am. Now have to go thru Ohare (yeahhhhh).......Drove 2 hrs. to Dubuque... Boarded-pilot said they had a flight plan change-need more fuel. Back to gate-add more fuel. 30 mins later pilot announces OHare closed. 3 hr wait-no communication, noone seemed to know anything. Missed connecting flight in Chicago by this point. Rebook flight AGAIN. Board DBQ plane again-now too much fuel & Computer issues. Sat & burned 1000 lbs fuel. Rebooked Flight 1087-arrive very late-sprint to gate. Father had to wait for bags under plane from Dubuque flight. Horrible agent Tess F closes GATE AS THEY STOOD THERE! Never even looked up from her screen. Father asks for a Mgr. Meets Nila. Says to file a Trip in Vain case. She did nothing to resolve the issue. They do not want to give up on this trip as lots of money is at stake, so the search our and talk to new agent who says to them "Why didn't she (Tess) just book you on the other flight headed to Texas that was STILL AT THE GATE at that time?" So this rude lady could have gotten them out if she actually gave a *** about her customers. REALLY?? Booked them on #2335 at 120pm to Dallas, #1304 at 645pm for Cabo. Last option if we were to make it to Cabo by morn.

6 Constant delays. 345pm, finally board-told tix not valid. Had to go get new tix. Finally allowed to board. After they are all seated and bags stowed, Pilot states “I NOTICED IN TEXAS WE HAD A FLAT TIRE. SIT TIGHT while we have someone come take a look......!!!!! Deboarded. We were told atleast another hour before they would be able to board again for repairs. No way to get to Cabo tonite. Have to forfeit $2000 charter trip and $720 condo-no flights back to Dub. Miraculously I got them on flight to CID, cost $60 for rental to Dubuque to pick up their car they had left there that morn. 12 hours in airport with this ***. 16 hours of travel and got nowhere.

AA’s blatant disregard for proactively planning is unacceptable. Tess F. did nothing to help them speaks volumes of her level of compassion. She and AA ruined a vacation & caused unmeasurable stress/anxiety.

We are expecting a full monetary refund of the $900 spent on the original tickets and not in the form of vouchers. Expect reimbursed for the $2000 fishing trip/ $750 nonrefund. condo fees. I can not wrap my hands around how much of a disaster this trip was and the horrible customer service. Apparently this was American Airlines first time dealing with storms in Chicago? Seriously. If you cancel flights already Friday night let's get some extra hands on deck to man the phones and the ticket counters to avoid the 2 hour lines and more missed flights. And for God's sake, if you have an employee whose laziness and poor attitude cost a young man and his dad to miss out on a trip of a lifetime, fire her.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Welcome to modern air travel. Expect the world, but get a voucher, if you are lucky.


Now how do you know there was a "blatant disregard" for proactive planning. You do know it is summertime with bad thunderstorms, don't you?

These problems seem to be primarily weather related--have to take a different route, add fuel--change route, burn off fuel.

The airlines cannot simply call in extra people when the weather is bad, because it takes a lot of knowledge to operate the computer programs with all the available flights, classes of tickets, and possibilities. When the boss of your company is sick, do you just call in someone from the street to run your company.

Your husband and son were late.

Tess did the right thing. If they are late, they are late. Now why did your husband have to wait for bags: Probably because he took carry-on bags which were too big for the overhead bins on a regional jet. (Or was he trying to avoid checked bags).

This was a BLATANT FAILURE on your part to be proactive by checking bags, when you knew that in stormy weather planes could be late and it may be a race between connections.

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