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Update by user Jul 03, 2017

Apparently all efforts to contact Aerican Airlines regarding complaints are simply thrown away as trash if AA receives them before the passenger's itinerary is complete

Original review posted by user Jul 03, 2017

I am an 81 year old widow on a fixed income recovering from recent knee surgery. I planned a vacation with my daughter and her two teenage daughters.

American Airlines cancelled our flight and said casually that the airplane was "broken" (sic) and there was no replacement for 24 hours. AA suggested we take the same fight the next day. We had no place to sleep for 24 hours (the flight leaves at 5:00 A.M., # 1906 to Charlotte, N.C. and thence to our flight destination, Tallahassee, FL, flight # 5901, after which we must take hired transportation to our remote vacation spot in the gulf of Mexico, all of which has to be carefully orchestrated.

AA personnel in the airport were totally indifferent to our needs to get to our destination. Our financial resources would be very stressed to pay for overnight lodging and meals for four people, as we are not wealthy people and this vacation was a special and rare one for us. Nevertheless, due to my age and our itinerary and the complexity of such planning, we needed to get to our destination the day we had planned to get there, for many reasons besides my health and simple convenience. AA Customer Service was not helpful and some of the people we contacted there were quite rude, telling us that we should be happy to have a flight at all, even 24 hours later than planned.

When asked why there was no back-up plan for cancelled flights we were repeatedly told by various customer service people at the airport and on the phone (with an AA employ at an 800 number the airline office gave us) that there was "nothing we can do except send you on tomorrow's flight to your destination." At one point, after many frustrated people waiting for the gate to open who were suddenly told of the cancellation complained, a loud speaker announced that anybody who wanted to give up his seat for the next day's flight would be given $600.00. Nobody responded to this offer. I am asking AA for $2,000, not four times $600.00, which would be $2,400), to compensate for the ticket we had to buy on Delta Airlines, which cost us over $600.00 for each of the four tickets, motel in Tallahassee, and a total of 24 very inexpensive breakfasts, lunch and dinner for four people. American Airlines indifferently offered us $100.00 each "for your inconvenience" , and a refund on our ticket, and will not respond to any complaints until the date of the end of our itinerary.

This sort of rip-off should be illegal if it is not.

Of course we shall never consider flying AA again, but as the largest commercial airliner we believe that it has absolutely no moral compass in regard to its customers and should be exposed in reviews such as this as such. Virginia Cazort, Ph.D.

Reason of review: American Airlines' poor service and lack of compensation for serious inconvenience to customers.

Monetary Loss: $2000.


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So your flight was delayed and.....

Everything else sounds like you have no clue what flying entails. Planes have issues sometimes - mechanical issues, weather-related, time-out for crew - these are part of life when you fly.

Perhaps you would have preferred they put you on the broken plane and see what happened? If the airlines had to pay for hotel/meal accommodations every time there was a cancellation for ever passenger our tickets would cost too much for anyone to afford.

Get used to it or drive.

to Anonymous #1360060

Airlines are required to compensate customers for mechanical failures. Sounds like you don't have a clue what you are talking about.

Are you a bitter employee of some sort that "hates" all customers?

You sound like it. Let me know when you get a reality check.

Brookline, Massachusetts, United States #1346748

How do I confirm that the long review I wrote is mine?

Virginia Cazort


I cannot find out whether my detailed complaint has been completed and sent or if I need to do something further to get that done.

to Anonymous #1348057

This is NOT American Airlines' website, it's a complaint board for the general public. Nothing you put on here will get to AA.

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