Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Go figure. Looking to add to the annoyance of traveling with AA (remember nothing was going to change with the merger), AA had inspectors at escalators in Philly measuring bags so that you would have to pay a bag fee.

I have boarded eith this time bag for 5 years and it fits comfortably overhead. They then rudely ushered me to bag check.

I checked the bag and get this, you now have to put your own tag on your bag now! Service and attitude with union employees is horrible

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Baggage Policy.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Well , I am happy to hear that were double checking bag size. My complaint being they did not and everyone with oversized bags took up all the overhead room and I was stuck with floor Carry on , on my lap and my feet in my chest because my overhead bag was on the floor in the small space of leg room I had !!!!


Bottom line: your bag was oversized, you knew it, intentionally used it for over 5 years because you could get away with it, and now that you got caught you are upset. The airlines did nothing wrong.

It is passengers like you who don't conform to the rules about baggage that create loading and unloading problems with carry on baggage.

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