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In my opinion I was verbally attacked by an employee named Austin green who claims to be a supervisor at America airlines Philadelphia. He said disgusting things to me, was unbelievably rude and refused to allow me take on my 21.5 inch carry on even though others with larger bags who said they had larger bags were told to specifically they could carry theirs on.

I was the only passenger of happened to be African American who not allowed to have my bag as a carry on though others showed him there bags were larger . He was extremely rude and this behavior is unbecoming of a supervisor and No way to treat a loyal customer. I plan to have my attorney contact and file suit specifically under the pretenses of racial profiling and harassment .I'm truly outraged and even as the other passengers even came to my defense, he continued to spew nasty rhetoric and it was clear to myself and other passengers that he took things to far, unnecessarily. Even if my luggage were not to fit, which it did and was measured!

It was deplorable the way I was treated. In my opinion this employee should be investigated and I should receive a formal apology from him. airport personnel should not be able to get away with treating paying customers this way.

There's difference between doing you job, and abusing your power to harass others. His behavior was truly shameful and reflects poorly on your airline.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Baggage Policy.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Did you hire a laywer? If so...good for you. I would like the name of law firm, I'm wanting to file a suit as well.

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