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I recently flew into Dallas Fortworth. On American Airlines.

I bought a new Travelers bag, the kind that unzips at the bottom to put in your shoes axros s the bottom. Thr compartment seperates from the clothes compartment. The first time ever used. They threw the bag around so bad they ripped out the liner that seperates the lower compartment.

Now they adked me to take my bag to a baggage repair they have. All at my inconvience. They should have replaced the bag. But No their too cheap.

The space between the seats id so smsll if you are tall you are in pain the whole way. The people and flight attrndents were very nice. So no complaint there, buy if you saved money on tour ticket which I did not save that much on the cost of my trip plus the cost of another new bag. Well lets say I could have gone first class.

So beware of American Airlines Airlines. Not a good experience .

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Baggage Policy.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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On October 4, 2016, I checked a brand new bag and on arrival in NY, found that one of the external fasteners had been ripped off, probably as a result of mishandling (my wife checked the identical bag and had no problem). I was assured by AA on arrival at JFK that AA would either repair or replace it.

The hook is that I would have to deliver the bag to the airport within 30 days of the flight or my claim expires. That left me two choices:

1. On arrival home, buy a new bag at the airport, unpack the damaged bag and put everything in the new bag and then leave the damaged bag there; or


On arrival home, actually go home (more than 50 miles from the airport), unpack and then make a special trip back to the airport to drop off the damaged bag and then go home again.

When I asked whether there was any other option, I swear that the AA representative said "Sorry - there is no other option. Have a nice day" and hung up.



I guess you found out the bag was not as high of quality as you thought, since it could not stand a little handling. Did you overload that area, putting stress on the seams before it was ever checked with the airlines.

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