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I understand that many different airlines have baggage fees, and airlines like Southwest make a killing off of promoting this obvious money trap. I am however disgusted right now by the fact that no matter the price of your ticket on any flight with American Airlines, you can be left by your flight if you do not have $25 to pay for your bags comfy seat in the storage compartment.

I purchased a ticket for my brother to come home to Buffalo from a trip to L.A., and was not given the option to pay the baggage fee online. When my brother arrived at the airport on time for his flight, he was denied the seat that I paid for because he did not have the $25 baggage fee. I completely agree (to a point) with what the telephone representative stated, that there needs to be some personal responsibility for that fee. HOWEVER what the representative did not have a smart "the COMPANY not the CUSTOMER is always right" answer for was the following question.

I explained to him that I did understand his statement, but I wanted to understand at what point, since flights can range from $150 to over $1000 a seat, the airline was willing to accept that sometimes things happen and say it was ok for someone to want to be able to change their clothes on a trip without paying extra. Is that only reserved for those who pay over $1000 a ticket, or do even filthy rich people have to pay for their baggage. I do not claim that the baggage fee was not stated, I am aware that my brother should have had the fee since he was aware of it. As far as I have been told right now, there was some type of hold on his account because of being away from home, and he wasn't able to pay the fee.

My point is when does customer service actually come into play? When you can afford to buy out the whole plane? I am STILL waiting at this moment to find out exactly where my brother is, and am very concerned for his safety. I paid for a ticket on the plane, got somewhat of a deal even, if you think a couple hundred versus a thousand is a deal, but for a measly $25 the company American Airlines was willing to strand my brother across the country from his home.

That is ludicrous, disgusting, and I will NEVER EVER do business with them again. I also plan on making this complaint on every single online board, writing a letter, and possibly contacting a lawyer if something happens to my brother because of their greed.

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Hi, this is interesting that they make you pay for check on luggage, considering, they would not allow my family and I to fly, as we would not check in our hand luggage to SYD Australia.

Apparently all over head compartments were full, and all hand luggage had to be checked in...

With No charge (of course).. But we were not given the option, I said I need my carry on and I could not check it in, so she cancelled or my family tickets and classed me as dangerous to other passengers, I became a security risk, I LUNGED at her ( grab my carry on) I threaten her, ( with what , I was restrained and handcuffed,,, AND THAT NEVER HAPPENED...

and now the video footage has been filmed over...

but, there is no police report, Just a very weird AGENT with no morals.. Gate 63 at LAX AA airlines, SHAMEFUL and unethical.


Rich people don't have to pay for luggage, we get 3 free checked bags in Business and First class. BTW tickets can be as high as $25,000.00+

Shellene B

I completely agree with you. That was a sarcastic statement really, I am aware that it is not the customer but the wallet that has any chance of being right.

Since I'm back here I thought I would update the story to say that my brother ended up making it home safely. However what makes the story even more insane, is that after having a friend drop the $25 off to him because of the hold placed on his debit card making him unable to pay it, American Airlines PROMPTLY checked his suitcase for him. The hilarious part comes when they realize that they have made my brother miss his flight, and although they somehow managed to get HIS LUGGAGE to Buffalo, NY from L.A. later that same evening, my brother ended up sleeping on the floor in the Chicago airport to make a connecting flight the next morning.

The pathetic $25 for his luggage was the reason the representatives caused him to miss his flight (that AGAIN was fully paid for), but once received, they miraculously were able to get his suitcase home in less than 12 hours, while making him sleep on the floor.

Again I am disgusted. I have some letter writing to do.


Forget the "customer is always right" ***. That's no more than an old store slogan used by Marshall-Fields (now Macy's) in Chicago many, many years ago.

Not all businesses accept that statement as "rule" ...

mainly because it rarely applies. Even mentioning it in a complaint is ludicrous at best.

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