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As I was getting near my seat on a flight from Dallas to San Antonio I noticed a 400 lb + man and prayed that he wasn't next to me. I am not unkind nor do I have predjustice I simply want to be comfortable in a seat that I paid dearly for!

He was my seat mate to my left and as he stood to let me in (naturally I was in the middle!) I realized what I was in for and wanted to cry. Of coarse I couldn't do that because I couldn't offend the poor guy. It was the last seat on a full plane and I knew this because I had walked by all of the rest! We were not able to put the arm rest down because he needed part of my seat, and since I didn't want to infringe upon my other seat mate I had to make do with half of a seat!!

I felt very put upon and was actually sat upon! He kept falling asleep and his big bear arms fell into me every few minutes! I kept breathing in the good and out with the bad, and thanking God for a safe flight and also that this gentleman did not smell bad. What can be done about this?

I still feel so angry, and I hate these feelings of being used. I want my money back!

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When you take public transportation you have to sit next to people.Some larger,smelly,drunk,weird ect.Although it sucks for you its not the airlines fault.They did what you paid them to do..get you to your destination safely.No airline would refund for this.Next time you can pay for two seats so you can have more space.

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