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I will never FLY American Airlines again. And I will tell everyone I can about how terribly trained your employees are and lack of attention to detail and customer service they demonstrate.

On April 1st, I was to have returned home with my son on a flight from Grenada - leaving Grenada around 7:00 am flying to Miami and then to DC. My son and I got up to be at the airport 2 hours early for a 5 a.m. arrival and once I got to the airport I received a text saying the flight was delayed until 9:30. The ticket agent told us it was because the crew could not fly earlier because of in air time restrictions. Here are the first two mistakes - (1) why didn't you do what was best for your customer and get an alternative flight crew and keep the flight on time. (2) Since you knew the night before of the crew’s flight restrictions why didn't you notify us, your customers so that we didn't need to get up so early?

The delayed flight kept s us from our connection because we didn't get into Miami in time to get the flight to DC and we were told we had two options – fly to Miami on the delayed flight and then spend the whole day in the airport because the only way to get to DC was on an 8 pm flight. Or fly the next day.

My son and I were coming home on 1 April for some family business and the rest of my family (my husband and 3 other children) were returning from Grenada on April 2nd, with my husband and other son landing in Miami and then taking a flight to Houston for the final four activities and games. (which BTW was a 20K investment in tickets). My two daughters were coming to Miami, with Dad putting them on a plane to flight to DC where I was going to pick up my daughters and also put the son that was with me on a flight to meet my husband in Houston. The final four tickets were home and my son was going to pick them up and have them in hand.

After talking with my husband, we had to work out someone to take care of our family business and have my assistant over night the final four package and tickets to the hotel in Houston.

Then, I had to spent over two hours with the agent in Grenada and get her supervisor involved because I needed my son’s flight rearranged and instead of the April 1st flight from Grenada to Miami to DC – I needed him to fly on 2 April from Grenada to Miami to Houston. The agent insisted was NOT an option, because DC and Houston were different destinations and his flight from DC to Houston was not part of the same travel package. That made absolutely no since but required me investing over two hours of difficult discussions – after American Airline inconvenienced us requiring us to make changes to our plans your agent made it difficult to get my son booked on 2 April from Grenada to Miami to Houston. Mistake number three (3) making your customer me - spend so much time to get my son arrangements.

Finally getting my son’s arrangements resolved I needed to also get my tickets to get home. Well guess what - it is now 24 hours later I am still not on a plane home, instead I am stilling in the Miami airport writing to you.

Working with the agent in Grenada, I thought this would be simple, just put me on the same flights tomorrow because then I would be traveling with my two daughters. The agent in Grenada put me on the flight from Grenada to Miami and put me on standby from Miami to DC (a 1:45 boarding at gate D6) , telling me it would be no problem, once the flight got into Miami go see customer service after leaving the international customs area and they would get my to DC.

I was not comfortable waiting so I had my Executive Assistant book my on American leaving Miami to DC boarding at 12:25. After she booked this flight - AMERICAN called her and said that I was off the wait list and on the 1:45 boarding flight to DC (with my two girls). So I thought that was great.

I got a cab for me and my son - another $65 cab ride that I would not have had to do if American had not delayed our flight. But we made the best of it and spent another day as an entire family enjoying the sights in Grenada.

What a surprise I had early this morning when I got to the Grenada Airport, they told me no I was book on the 12:25 boarding flight and still on stand by for the 1:45 boarding flight to DC – they instructed me to see the AMERICAN Customer Service Agent when I got to Miami and they could change that for me.

I boarded the 7:05 flight from Grenada to Miami, landed around 11:00 AM and went through customs and directly to the AMERICAN Customers Relation desk. I spent 45 more minutes there with Martine Charles, she canceled my 12:25 boarding flight – (ripped up that ticket) and I was told I was all set to fly with my daughters on the 1:45 boarding flight to DC. She checked my luggage and told me to have a nice flight.

My family and I went through security in Miami with just enough time to eat before my husband and two sons were to board their flight to Houston and myself and my two daughters to board our flight to DC.

After lunch, my husband and sons were off to gate D8 and my daughters and I to gate D6. Upon arriving at the Gate D6 - for boarding with my daughters to DC - I got out my ticket or at least what looked like a ticket and realized I didn’t have a seat assignment. I went to see the gentlemen at the ticket counter and ask why I didn't have a seat and his answer was because I wasn't on the plane and it was full. What - I gave up an earlier flight to fly with my girls and you are telling me I am NOT on the flight.

Really I spend an extra 45 minutes with Martine Charles to get on the flight with my daughters - that could not be correct. The 12:25 boarding flight to DC and was long gone. The agent at the desk told me I had to go the customer service desk - so I walked to the customer service desk, waited in line - they told me I need to go see the agent at the gate (D6) and ask him to call a supervisor.

Back to gate D6 - the plane started to board - I had to ask the desk agent four times to get the supervisor. The supervisor (Mitch Becker) didn’t show up until after the flight was boarded and the agent let on a couple of folks on the standby list. I called your 800 Number, which ended up being useless. When Mitch Becker finally showed up the plane with my daughters on it was gone.

I had to call my assistant and ask her to work the weekend for me and pick up the girls and get them home while I am sitting in Miami - waiting now for an 8 pm flight 319 to Baltimore which gets me home around midnight (remember I was at the airport this morning at 5 am) and it isn’t even DC. When I get into Baltimore I will need to pay a cab to take me home since my car in parked in DC. Let’s see $180 for the cab and an extra $24 for another night of parking at DC. Then tomorrow I will have to use my time and money to go to DC to get my car.

While I am sitting in Miami – my husband texts me and their plane to Houston is sitting on the run way – they are now over 2 hours late. There goes them getting to tonight’s final four game – a waste of 10K in tickets.

I cannot even count the number of additional mistakes your airline has made, the cost in time and money to me and my family isn’t measurable. Your people are not well trained - your supervisors are slow to resolution - and inconvenience to your customers means nothing to them – you may think you are big enough and that any one individual doesn’t matter, in the long term your company will not survive such inconsiderate and mistreatment of others.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

American Airlines Cons: Customer service, Training of employees, Inconsiderate treatment.

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20K for tickets or 10K. Sounds like a complete BS story to me.

You may have had some travel issues.

It happens. But I think you have a really bad case of the embellishments!


Thank you for posting this story. In fact I am in same shoes.

Due to incompetency and fully shown discrimination me and my son were involuntary bumped out of direct flight and sent overnight flight through exact same Miami airport instead of our only 3 hour original flight to Carribean from DFW.

with expenses for hotel, extra expensive food in Miami, loss of night in vacation place.

Asking now the travel insurance which was bough with the tickets to get some money back. Will look for the place to file complaint.


You sound like a pampered lass who really needs to get out in the world. Life is tough, isn't it?

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