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The staff at their Phoenix airport are exceptionally rude; I was let onto the walkway going to the plane and right before boarding I was physically stopped by a women whose name tag said "Kathi P", she proceeded to curtly tell me that there is no more room for carry-on in the cabin, I showed her that my carry on is regulation size and I never check baggage anymore because their airline has previously lost my baggage entirely, additionally, my carry on fits under my seat, which is how I traveled with it on my connecting flight to Phoenix. She proceeded to loudly tell me "no, no, no", then as I asked to prove to her that it fit under my seat and would check the bag if it didn't, she proceeded to move her hand in front of her mouth making a talking motion with it and summarily saying "end of discussion, end of discussion".

There were no other flights so I checked my bag and stepped into the plane; while looking for my seat I was pulled off the plane by a short man with a small beard who had no name tag, but I assume was her supervisor, he restarted the discussion about the bag after I had already moved on and when I explained my logic informed me that "how long ago did we lose your luggage, 6 months ago?

get over it." Amazingly, there was more than enough room in the overhead bin for my carry on and an empty seat next to me as well.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Fire Kathi P and whoever else is responsible for hiring such rude people and making poor decisions like forcing people to check fragile carry on when there is plenty of room in overhead bins. .

American Airlines Cons: Horrible service, Rude staff, Forced checking of carry-on that meets regulation sizes.

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