Los Angeles, California

It is truly a shame that customer service at LAX is horrendous!!!

While waiting in line with my girlfriend to board our plane back home, I tried to ask questions to the agent at the gate named Irene Somberg . We were waiting on stand-by to board the plane. As the plane was filling up, I saw my name pop up on the stand-by list to board but not my girlfriend's name. I attempted to ask Irene about my girlfriend's status and she yelled at me. Her response was that I was not that important and she had to take care of other customers first. For example, customer who tried to butt in front of us and not wait her turn was one of those so-called "customers" of more importance that she quickly made a point of taking care of.

After being subject to such blatant rudeness, my tone got a little bit louder, as I was taken aback, than what Irene expected. She then quickly said, "I know how to deal with you. I am calling security and telling them that you are a threat!" This gave me the impression that this was a common action that she took with customers. I was appalled, yet tried to express to her that all I was trying to do was get a status of our flight information in terms of flying stand-by.

Once she displayed that she was taking "action" on us, we immediately went looking for a manager to express our complaint that we had with this employee. As we were on our way to find the manager, we actually ran into the person that Irene called. When we walked passed him, we immediately tried to talk and tell him the problems that we were having as we were trying to board our flight. However, he told us he had a "serious issue" at the gate and we had to wait. We found out minutes later that he was going to the gate to deal with the issue we were having!

When we returned to the gate after flagging down police officers moments earlier that happened to be going down to the gate also, due to Irene's false story, that took the time out to listen to our story not knowing that they too were going down to the terminal for the same issue!

Once we returned to the gate we were greeted by that same manager we tried to speak with earlier named Joey Amacker (Manager Customer Care LAX). He then let us know that we were not going to be allowed to board that plane or any other plane that evening. When we explained our story, that she lied, and that we were the one's that were indeed initially seeking assistance dealing with her in terms of our complaints we were given no help. Her word was gold, it was the Absolute Worst Experience I have ever had flying and the manager even mentioned that I could have been arrested based on her side of the story. He gave us no help, only a ticket for another stand-by flight in the morning. We ended up having to go to a bad hotel close to the airport to sleep for a couple hours, before coming back to the airport for what we thought was going to be a 6am flight and ended up flying out at 3:30pm that afternoon.

I am a business consultant travels 2-5 times a month. I have a Platinum (AAdvantage Platinum Status) and have 111,000 American Advantage Miles. This clearly lets you know that I am a professional and have no time for my time to be obligated with such matters.

Another note worth mentioning is that race may have played a huge role. Without saying she was a racist, the drastic and unwarranted moves that she made in the presence of an almost Caucasian environment at the time of boarding leads me to believe that that may not be a far-fetched theory.

Nevertheless, in 2013 I will not tolerate such disgusting behavior that I was witness to at the hands of gate agent Irene Somberg and will let as many people know at American Airlines corporate office that such travesties will not be tolerated at the hands of a great customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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