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various days later from AA

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October 9, 2014

Dear Ms. Sanabria: Thank you for contacting Customer Relations.

We sympathize with your experience of trying to travel at a time when bad weather disrupted flight schedules. We know how frustrating -- and potentially expensive -- such situations can be. No one wants to incur unexpected costs for meals, telephone calls and overnight accommodations, especially when your plans called for you to be somewhere else at the time! While we understand your request for reimbursement, it is not an airline industry practice to refund customers' out-of-pocket expenses when we are unable to operate as scheduled because of the weather.

Safety is -- and must always be -- our primary concern. Since such circumstances are simply beyond our control, we believe it is reasonable to ask customers to assume personal costs. However, our position in no way diminishes our concern for the impact this situation had on your travel plans. We know you were inconvenienced and we apologize.

We will continue to work hard to be respectful of our customers' time and plans and get you to where you are going as scheduled -- provided the weather cooperates! We appreciate how hard it is to understand why a flight is canceled because of bad weather when conditions at both the origin and the destination are perfectly fine. Perhaps an explanation of the operational reasons will be helpful. Bad weather the day before you traveled, or at one of our other hubs elsewhere, may have prevented our planes and crew members from being where they needed to be in order to operate your flight as scheduled.

Or, in the same circumstances, there may be too many aircraft on the ground at your destination, and so we cancel selected inbound flights until we can thin out that traffic. Another possibility is that our crew members may have reached the maximum number of hours they can remain on duty as a result of a weather delay they encountered earlier that day. Finally, we may voluntarily cancel selected flights in order to reduce the length of Air Traffic Control delays imposed because of bad weather en route. We have found it is necessary to take these varied steps in an effort to get our entire system back on schedule when weather conditions have affected our operation.

Our goal is to minimize the inconvenience for the largest number of our customers. Still, we are sorry that our actions caused such disruption for you. We hope to have the opportunity to serve you again soon.

Sincerely, Kristine D. Shepherd Customer Relations American Airlines AA Ref#1-2194418679

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Suggested new slogan for American Airlines:

adapted from service reps words to a customer


Original review posted by user Oct 02, 2014

On Sunday, August 31, 2014 I had a ticket for flight AA319 from Newark airport (EWR) to Miami international airport (MIA) at 7:50pm. At MIA I was connecting to flight AA229 at 11:59pm to Salvador, Brazil.

While eating at a restaurant at the airport I observed that it was raining. It was regular rain not a storm. Boarded flight AA319 the plane was prepared for departure and after awhile the pilot announced that we were in a holding pattern --- the plane was taken away from the gate and stationed on the side.

The pilot nor the flight attendants did not offer any more information. We were waiting for well over and hour and no other announcements nor information were given. No water or any other service was offered. I called my sister and asked her to research if there were storm watch over NYC tri-state area. She texted me back that there weren't but that it had rained hard where she was in Putnam, New York.

I asked flight attendants if connecting international flight in Miami would be held. They gave no information. They were not the most communicative or service oriented of flight attendants.

The flight finally arrived into MIA at 11:50pm and the connecting flights (domestic and international) where not held for passengers. When I got off the plane there was no gate agent to orient passangers that had missed connecting flights because of AA319 delay in leaving Newark airport.

Saw a line of folks at a gate counter and went there to get information. The 'service' rep there was being very nasty to a customer that was inquiring as to what to do since he had missed his connecting flight. She said to the passenger be happy we (AA) got you here safe. He placed his ticket in front of her and she said "Don't you know how to read tell me your flight number and where you are going". Obviously the passenger did not take this well and told her off. I was too tired to take all this extra stress on so went in search of re-ticketing counter.

There was a line of passengers from my flight there. I was informed by the rep that 'assisted' me that AA was not responsible for our hotel. I would have to take the same flight AA229 on night of September 1 at 11;59pm. Well, 23 + hour wait at the airport was not an option for me. I requested hotel & meals vouchers. The agent said that AA was not responsible for that. Why didn't they hold the flight?

I was given a 50% hotel discount option to Doubletree conference center MIA airport and nothing else!!! I asked for upgrade to Business or First Class --- not given!!! Again AA no customer service interest --- this would have pacified me and doesn't cost AA anything.

I was returning to Brazil after being away for 6 weeks and did not have the finances for extra expenses because AA319 left Newark airport late and did not hold connecting flights.

From the start the pilot was not communicative, the flight attendents did nothing to easy or comfort the passengers and upon arrival the AA staff was nasty and unhelpful (they were pissed off that they were getting off of work late).

I am a USAir frequent flyer member now AA miles. As an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist with years of employee training experience I am flabbergasted by the lack of service training that AA employees have.

AA feel free to contract me to train your staff on the groud and in-flight.

I had an economy class ticket that cost $1,423.07, which is not cheap and I expect good service and to make my connecting flights.

I am requesting a partial cash refund (check) ($500.00); that my hotel and meals be reimbursed ($186) and tat cost of taxi (my ride was not able to pick me up the following day because of work obligations) - ($45)

I await contact from AA

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Flight.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $731.

Preferred solution: Partial refund of ticket costs and expenses incurred or 60,000 frequent flyer miles .

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form response from AA

1 week later

didn't address any of issues I mentioned

and not clear to me that it was a weather issue

airlines hide behind

weather if they say it was a weather condition they are cleared based on AA response it could have been a weather issue last year that their employees haven't recovered from and AA takes no responsibilities for it's customers losses better to select employee owned airline !!!!


I just came off a flight from Amsterdam with KLM. The plane was 1 hour late and people with connecting flights were upset.

They grilled the flight attendants but honestly folks, the flight attendants don't have information about your connecting flights. They directed everyone to the counter once we cleared immigration and retrieved baggage, An employee was already there with hotel and meal vouchers printed out and people then got in line to make flights out for the next day. I don't know why some airlines offer vouchers for such incidents and others don't.

BTW: they can't hold other planes to accommodate your late plane. All that does is a create a domino effect of late planes that impact many, may other people.


another possible slogan:

"We treat you horrible but just be grateful you arrived safely"

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