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This has been nothing short of a nightmare. I have never faced such terrible customer service and I will not be flying with either US Airways or American Airlines again. Here's the short version -- I booked a flight for my mother over the telephone, the US Airways employee listed the wrong airport, and I had to buy a whole new ticket out of pocket. I was told to buy the ticket and that US Airways would most likely provide a refund. That has not happened and I have tried over a dozen times to reach them unsuccessfully.

Long version -- I booked a mutilple-destination flight for my mother. I was very careful to make sure that I had given the right information to the agent on the phone. My mother's flight was supposed to be multi-city, flying to SNA and returning from FAT (Fresno). I texted the correct flight numbers to her as I was holding on the phone. I never received an email confirmation for her flight (so I was unable to verify). The day before her return flight home, we found that the return flight had been mistakenly entered as SNA -- even though we originally intended her to fly home from FAT. I was very specific about that when making the reservations, so the mistake was not my end.

I called and tried to have the flight changed, but was told that I would need to pay the price difference in fares, even though the mistake was on US Airway's part. I spent over an hour and a half on the phone trying to fix this problem. I was told that I should buy the ticket and that another department would most likely be able to give me a refund, or a travel voucher for the $304 amount. I ended up having to pay over $300 to get the correct flight.

This issue is still ongoing, almost two years later. US Airways (now DBA American Airlines) would not respond to any of my messages or requests for months. I filed two or three different Better Business Bureau Complaints. I tried to speak to them on the phone and was placed on hold for a total of several hours (multiple calls). They finally directed me to fill out a request on their website. I did this twice and never heard back.

I would not recommend doing any business with American Airlines or US Airways.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Airlines Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $304.

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You fail to disclose whether the passenger "your mother" received an email regarding her itinerary. As "the passenger," she would have been the one to receive it.

Did you question her about that?

Its doubtful you had to buy "a whole new ticket." The $304 probably represents the change fee for changing the ticket, plus the difference in the cost of the tickets.

[Obviously, if one wants to go from LA to New York, but the original ticket is LA to Las Vegas, when the ticket is corrected you are going to have to pay the difference between the price of the tickets.] Their charges seem reasonable in this regard.

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