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Flight 1848 was to have left Orlando to Philly at 5:32. We were notified 5 times that our flight was delayed.

Although the counter rep said the inbound flight had left Charlotte. Only to find out it hadn’t. The kids are a mess and AA says there is nothing they can do.

The board shows a majority of AA FLIGHTS HAVE BEEN DELAYED OR CANCELLED. What a nightmare flying AA.

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Flying any airlines in or out of Orlando over the past couple of days have been delayed to THUNDERSTORMS. The FAA tells you this.

Google FAA ground stops. Once this happens, flight crews can time out and have to be replaced. To do this, airlines have to find crews and send them to places like Orlando and other airports affected by a ground stop.

There's nothing the airline or the people at the counter can do. Orlando Intl is experiencing delays departure delays an average of 1 hours 7 minutes inbound flights delayed at their origin an average of 2 hours 1 minutes due to thunderstorms arrival delays for airborne aircraft an average of 1 hours 16 minutes

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