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We were arbitrarily prevented from boarding a plane 10 minutes before scheduled takeoff time, even though we later found out that the first officer had yet to arrive. The plane actually sat on the tarmac for two more hours before taking off. Because our previous AA flight had been delayed 10 minutes, and security lines were unbelievably long, we literally had to run across two terminals to reach... Read more

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its no wonder you rate one star. two hours late for a one hour flight from nyc to TO. Because of the delay to flight 4090, our plans have been ruined. the shortest Leg of our journey, the only AA connection in our itinery and the only screw up! Mark Schwinghamer Add comment

2016 Feb 05 American Airlines flight 3144 OKC to CVG via ORD 652p ct. poor customer relations. Boarded plane walked assigned seat only to see passenger seated in aisle seat as my seat was the window seat. I was the last person boarding last to be seated when I noticed at least 4 seats behind assigned seat where two seats vacant. I asked the passenger if I could sit the that assigned seat then... Read more

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AA BAGAGE INFIRMATION IS THE WORST EVER, they Don't know where is my lougage they send me 2 times to look for it at the airport in Lima Peru, NOTHING. They don't even know if the lougage left MIAMI THIS IS INCREDIBLE. DO NOT FLIGHT WITH AA Add comment

I had a flight from nyc LaGuardia to Charlotte departing at 355pm when we went to board at 345pm the door was slammed shut in our face and we were told we missed our flight. The staff was very rude and we had to end up booking a flight through Delta which the staff was excellent and just lost our money with American. Staff very rude and unprofessional would not help us find another flight put us... Read more

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We waited three hours to get a boarding pass due to gross incompetence Worse the staff treated us poorly. I will never ever fly AA again Add comment

On a flight from AA1425 on 1/12/16, the seat I was in 3F was urinated on. I didnt realize this unity about 10 minutes into the flight. I was given blankets and trash bag to put between my self and seat but the damage was done. I had on a newer suit. They where suppose to call ahead but when I got to Chicago at around 7 but did not. I had to explain the situation two more people. I had to beg for... Read more

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Booked flights for 3 and paid for main cabin seating in front of plane since traveling with elderly mother with vision snd mobility issues. Then find out "computer" reassigned seats with mother put in back of plane by herself. So when were they going to tell me? How about my refund on 3 reserved main cabin seats ? How about customer service trying to at leadt put two people together? So if... Read more

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I flew from dfw airport with one stop in phoniex Arizona and then on to santa Barbara. When i arrived in santa barbara the pull handle on the top of the luggage and a wheel on bottom was broke off. Dissatisfied customer. Add comment

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I had the worst experience at an airport with American Airlines. The tower in Costa Rica had problems so there was a delay well when we got to Miami we were told they would pay for our hotel then we were told we might be able to make our flight everybody on panic mode nobody to give guidance only wrong directions we were told to go and get our luggage but it was already on the way to Hartford we... Read more

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