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American Airlines
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  • 1 day ago
  • Airlines
  • Dfw Airport, Texas
  • Gate Assignments
  • 6

gate # for connecting flite out of DFW was annunced by arriving flite hostess. It was wrong. Airport display of many AA flites in terminal also wrong. I ran through 3 terminals to find my flite. DFW cell fone app also was wrong. At every wrong gate I heard attendants announcing that their gate was the wrong gate for the flight displayed on the airport display. My flight was delayed but no... Read more

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  • 2 days ago
  • Airlines
  • Lost Luggage
  • 8

Toronto-Chicago-Portland was my original itinerary. 1st flight was delayed and many of us missed connecting flights. My new itinerary included flying from Chicago to Dallas/Fort Worth and THEN to Portland - that added extra 5 hrs to my trip AND I missed a dinner at the conference. I did ask an AA rep to find a better option and indicated that I was a MD attending a conference in Portland, that... Read more

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  • Sep 17
  • Airlines
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Schedule Change
  • 16

American Airlines wanted $200 + $150 = $350 to change a flight that was rescheduled twice by them (American Airlines) to a time that would not work for me. They had no other direct flights that day. I wanted to fly the day before or the day after but that was going to cost $$$. They were rude on the phone because I could not understand the person that was speaking to me..what language I don't... Read more

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America flight #2423 from Dallas,tx to Salt lake city, Ut Two hours at the no airconditi ng , Three hours late final arrival in Sait lake,city Ut .My name is Jerome W.Finkelstein my phone number is 9852151060.I would like my money back. I may look to take legal action. I talk your Supervisor Christie Fuller Add comment


  • Sep 07
  • Airlines
  • Rude Employees
  • 3
  • 3
  • 39

My husband and I were transferred from a Delta Airlines to an American Airlines flight. We understood that they had lot`s of people to accommodate, what we didn't understand is why American Airlines employees were extremely rude to us during the check in process. We complained of having to wait in the line for more than 2 hours, and the employee said that we should complain with Delta because... Read more

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  • Sep 05
  • Airlines
  • Richmond, Texas
  • Rude Gate Agents
  • 22

Approaching my IAH gate 27 on time,the female gate agent out of blue made an unprofessional comment "..someone's got perfume smells like nail polish, ewh.." I noticed no other female closed by, so she must've indirected that unprofessional comment at me. After waiting a few, I thought there's still time to board because the agent ignored me, so I went to take a quick restroom. Coincidentally, the... Read more

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  • Aug 31
  • Airlines
  • Dfw Airport, Texas
  • Missed Flight
  • 29

My American Airlines mishaps... On Friday afternoon on August 29 @ 5:00pm, my sister dropped me off at the Mobile Alabama airport for a 6:45 flight with American Airlines (Eagle). Regarding my knee replacement, the security at the San Jose airport did not signal to show I have metal anywhere. However at Mobile AL security! I set off alarms. Previously before entering, the security lady asked if... Read more

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  • Aug 24
  • Airlines
  • Service Quality
  • 52

This is to report an incident on flight AA1148 from Dallas to New York-La Guardia on Friday August 22, 2014. We were descending from the aircraft at La Guardia so I asked the attendant if I could speak to the pilot. She said yes, he was still seated in the cockpit. I asked him why he did not give the location of the aircraft during the trip, and if it would cost so much money to the company. He... Read more

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  • Aug 17
  • Airlines
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Cancellation
  • 42

I got to the airport 3 hours early just in case anything were to go wrong..HA. Boy was I correct. So I waited an hour and a half just to check-in and once we were finally up, our flight was cancelled. They claim weather, but I have friends living in the area we were flying into and at most there should have been a delay. Then they offered to get us another flight the next day, but HELLO I have to... Read more

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Not allowed to check in for prepaid trip to Cozumel because passport had a chew mark on the cover and no passport office open. The supervisor thought it was funny. I used the same passport on American Airlines in March! !! Add comment

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