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I had a round trip flt booked and paid in full. I was not able to make the first leg and had to reroute, only to find out that AA had canceled my return trip. When I called to see why they advised that I would have to pay $200 rebooking fee to rebook the same flt they cancelled on me. I will NEVER give the HORRIBLE company one dollar of my money. With policies like this it wont be long until bankruptcy again Read more

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WORST EXPERIENCE WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! We were on Flight 750 from Philadelphia to Brussels on May 15th. American Airlines cancelled the flight without notifying us. My husband purchased his ticket and paid for a preferred seat. I was using advantage miles. Because of my using advantage miles I could only be routed through Madrid not London where we would have arrived at 11:00am instead of 2:35 Pm when originally we were to arrive at 8:55AM. Meanwhile we were to meet 16 Undergraduate students at 8:00AM on the 16th. Imagine that... Read more

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AA is getting worse and worse. The main problem: POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE at every level, if you complain, they will send useless miles. Be careful with a AA rep in the Miami airport called Lucy, not only doesnt care, she heats customers Add comment

It is infuriating that the the airline selects an arbitrary boarding group to stop allowing roolerboards on rather than communicating with the staff on the aircraft to see if there is room. I have been required to check my rollerblade several times only to find plenty of room on the aircraft. Add comment

My husband was scheduled to arrive in Myrtle Beach 3 hours ago but instead is sitting in Charleston, SC and won't arrive in Myrtle Beach for another 3 hours because his AA plane had a mechanical failure in Reno, NV. After sitting on the tarmac for an hour before deplaning, AA refused to refund his ticket. Instead, they gave him a choice to lose the entire value of his original ticket or be rerouted and fork out another $260 to get to his final destination 6 hours late. He choose the later. How can this *** even be legal? This is just... Read more

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I am flying business class next week. When I got the "reserve your meal" email, I called to ask for a kosher meal. After looking in to it, the rep told me it's not available in this market. I suggested that they get a kosher meal for me from another market-- they're an airline, it's not like they have no way to transport food! She reiterated and told me to bring my own food. When I asked to change flights, she told me that I was outside the 24 hour window in which that was allowed, even though I had originally emailed about this at the time... Read more

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Managed to have 4 flights cancelled today: 1 for weather, 1 for broken toilet, one for an oil change on engine one not quite asking it fly able, and the last, at 6:20, for a reason we still don't know! Today is Sunday, April 17, a very bad day for American airlines at DFW. And they didn't handle it well at all. Add comment

My husband and I were going back home the week after he retired. We flew to Miami and they put us on an American Eagle flight. It was after 9 at night so we saw one baggage loader working. They took my husbands brief and said it would not fit but will be safe. He had a TSA lock on it. He also had almost 9000.00 dollars in it. When they took it he did not want them to see him take it out. He is 77 so he felt OK with it. Well, guess what? Money gone,and American will not even talk to us to tell us what is being done. They said they did not owe... Read more

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I am booked First Class on American flight 1139 April 21, departing New York (LGA) for Dallas (DFW) at 5:50 pm. This is a dinner flight, offering First Class passengers an elegant dinner service, yet AA refuses to provide me with a meagre Kosher TV dinner. I have spoken to a reservations clerk, a customer service representative, and a customer service supervisor, but all they can do is read from a prepared script, "we cannot accommodate your Kosher meal request on this flight. So I'm going to have to sit there and watch others enjoy a fancy... Read more

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First delay on Belize to Miami (1.5 hour flight) was 28 hours due to mechanical issues. Once in Miami, missed last flight to Tampa, final destination. Would have had to stay in Miami another night and be delayed another 15 hours. Instead rented a cheap car and drove 4 hours to Tampa (home) arriving at 3:30 am. Called AA Customer Relations and told them what I was doing which was saving them another hotel bill for the night. Now they refuse to reimburse me for rental car (100.00). They gave us miles instead of a refund on Belize/Miami flight.... Read more

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